About Kate

"Photography is not about one’s technical ability of operating a camera… it’s about something much more human… it’s about making friends with your subjects, creating an environment in which they feel warm and capturing something in a person the world has never seen before. This is where Kate really thrives…her insights into working with people to capture their stories across various cultures make her a valuable asset to any creative team worldwide."
- Austin Mann, WELD Founder/ Travel Photographer
"Whether it's meeting newcomers in Nashville to working with students in Nicaragua, Kate shares her warmth and genuine care for those around her. She is an incredible conversationalist and possesses a unique ability to connect with a variety of individuals. Kate spends intentional time educating herself on the arts, history, and cultural development, understanding the importance of cross-cultural relationships and finding ways to partner with locals in developing nations respecting their way of life, allowing her to make a sustainable impact on that community. As a leader and teacher, Kate has a natural ability to set healthy boundaries in a way where everyone knows they are cared for and important.
- Katie Lentile, Humanitarian Development Consultant


"Kate is able to get such beautiful images by immersing herself into her surroundings.  The compassion she shows towards others creates trust, which in return allows her to dive deeper into stories and get images that feel as if you’re there. The beautifully written stories that accompany the photographs paint a picture of truth and authenticity, which in return moves the audience in a very powerful way! Kate is able to truly empower her subjects."
- Cale Glendening, Director/Cinematographer


"Photography, to me, is a form of giving attention. And true attention is a form of generosity. Kate exudes this generosity- the desire to point to the other, and say look at these people, look at that scene, pay attention! Her discernment of environment alongside her empathy for those within leads to a pure and insightful capturing of everyday moments. By immersing herself in respective cultures, she earns the trust of those around her and creates space for authentic storytelling. And this is true of her ability whether she is leading photography workshops in Nicaragua or face outside the car window, camera in hand, on a road trip through the hills of Tennessee. She mines through the experience and uses imagery to find a nugget of truth."
-Jordan Bellamy, filmmaker